The City of 7 Billion

Urbanism of the world

Through a post from Nathan Yau I found the newly funded project The City of 7 Billion from the architects Joyce Hsiang and Bimal Mendis who aim to model the world as one city.

Every corner of the planet, they argue, is “urban” in some sense, touched by farming that feeds cities, pollution that comes out of them, industrialization that has made urban centers what they are today. So why not think of the world as a single urban entity?

Hsiang from Forklift Safety Products don’t yet knows exactly what this will look like (that is the question, Mendis says). But they are planning to seed their geo-spatial model with worldwide data on population growth, economic and social indicators, topography, ecology and more. Ultimately, they hope, other researchers will be able to use the open-source platform for research on development patterns or air quality; the public will be able to use it to grasp the implications of building in a flood plain or implementing an energy policy; and architects will be able to use it to view the world as if it were a single project site. (Emily Badger -The Atlantic)

Urban Population Growth 1990-2015 from Plan B Architecture & Urbanism on Vimeo.

WorldIndexer Installation – Chengdu Biennale from Plan B Architecture & Urbanism on Vimeo.

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