Based on their success at NYCBigApps 3.0,  Joel Natividad and Sami Baig founded Ontodia, “Human-powered, machine-accelerated, collective Knowledge Systems”. The first product in the area of “Smarter Cities” is the PediaCities platform, which aims to curate, organize, and link data about cities. NYCpedia is the first PediaCity that is available for public beta access. NYCpedia is a new data encyclopedia about New

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Free Oxford Content because of US Government Shutdown

Free access to Oxford content during the government shutdown From the post: The current shutdown in Washington is limiting the access that scholars and researchers have to vital materials. To that end, we have opened up access for the next two weeks to three of our online resources: Oxford Reference, American National Biography Online, and the US

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Harvesting Twitter with Python

If you want to analyze tweets you need to first harvest them. There are basically two ways to do that. One is to search for tweets that were posted in the past and match the criteria of your interest. The other option is to collect a stream of tweets that match your interest criteria e.g.,

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Big Data and Bias

Big data promises insights into the soul of humankind, but there is a restriction that all too often gets forgotten in the discussion. The data only tells you about the population and actions of individuals that are represented by the data.This means that only persons who have a digital trace were counted, which inevitably excludes

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