Panel discussion “The future of the city”

SONY DSCA few days ago, I had the honor of participating in a panel discussion with Mannheim’s mayor, Dr. Peter Kurz, and Dr. Lisa Küchel, who is responsible for one neighborhood’s management in Stuttgart. With over 200 guests, the event had a big response. The (fish bowl) panel, which was hosted by the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, was moderated by Iris Kümmerle.

Cities are the key for a sustainable future. The political and economical frameworks that we create today will be the foundation of our future ecosystems and will be the reason that we can sustain our limited resources.

Which future trends, innovations and factors are important for future cities? How can we sustain the life quality and health in our cities? On which information, data and facts can politics base their decisions and what does this mean for the political agenda, evaluation and communication in modern societies? These were just a few topics that were discussed and as it always is, we couldn’t solve them yet.

(But with the second phase of the Morgenstadt project we sure get a bit closer to the answer.)

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