Vizi Cities


Robin Hawkes and Peter Smart published an pre-alpha version of a 3D city and data visualisation platform that is powered by WebGL on Github. You can find an online demo to try it out. Even though it is in a very early state, it is pretty cool.

What does it do?

ViziCities aims to combine data visualisation with a 3D representation of a city to provide a better understanding what’s going on. It’s a powerful new way of looking at and understanding urban areas.

Aside from seeing a city in 3D, here are some of the others things you’ll have the power to do:

– View public transport (eg. buses, trains, planes) flowing around a city in realtime
– Use vehicles powered by artificial intelligence to perform realistic traffic simulation
– Visualise social data in realtime
– Overlay historic and static data (eg. census data) using traditional techniques (eg. heatmaps)
– And much more…

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