Mexico City or Sim City?

When I saw the image above for the first time on the National Geographic website, after getting a link from the Revolution Analytics Blog, I was wondering why they took a screenshot from Sim City. Only on the second view I realized, that it is a real city. Did you notice? In fact it’s a real photo

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Humanitarian UAViators Network

Patrick Meier launched a volunteer network to connect responsible civilian UAV pilots who are interested in safely and legally supporting humanitarian efforts when the need arises. In the mission of the draft strategy document it says: [The mission is to] Create a global volunteer network of responsible civilian and hobbyist UAV pilots to facilitate information sharing, coordination

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Starting Work on the Humanitarian Exchange Language Initiative

As UN OCHA writes in a recent blogpost, the work on building standards for sharing data among the groups involved in crisis response is starting. The Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL) initiative is a year-long effort with three major goals: develop an initial set of simple standards for humanitarian data; pilot those standards in three countries (Colombia, Kenya, and Yemen); and

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