Smart citizens. How internet facilitates smart choices in city life


The Ericson Consumer Labs recently published a new report on how the internet facilitates smart choices in city life. The online study was conducted in September 2014 with 9,030 iPhone and Android smartphone users aged between 15 and 69. Respondents were from Beijing, Delhi, London, NewYork, Paris, Rome, São Paulo, Stockholm and Tokyo, representing 61 million citizens. 

The idea of smart cities is an intriguing concept. However, the future will partly be a story of how the architects defining the way our future cities operate are going to be citizens themselves. As the internet makes us more informed, we are in turn making better informed decisions.

We are becoming smart citizens and through our changing behaviors, efficient practices and smarter social norms are developing in our cities.

You can download the report here: Smart citizens – how internet facilitates smart choices in city life

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