Is Privacy Compromised by Growth of IoT Devices?

This morning I read an interesting post from David Lazarus on government technology. By connecting all devices to the internet (called internet of things – IoT) we are running the risk of unintentionally open vulnerabilities. From the post:

Tom Kellerman, chief cybersecurity officer of Dallas software firm Trend Micro, offered an even more alarming scenario: A hacker could slip in through a poorly protected smart appliance and gain access to your entire home network.

“They could turn on the webcam in your child’s bedroom and watch them,” Kellerman said. “They could turn on all cameras and microphones in all your devices and see and hear everything you do, or shut down your entire network. This could lead to extortion demands.”

These aren’t idle threats. There already have been reports of baby monitors being hacked. A couple in Lacey, Wash., said last year they saw the camera in their son’s room moving and heard a man’s voice say, “Wake up, little boy, Daddy’s coming for you.”

Scary stuff — made all the more troubling by the fact that there’s very little regulation overseeing this fast-growing corner of cyberspace.

It’s without a doubt, that there are many good things about IoT, however, there is more research needed what consequences these technology has and how we can prevent a misuse of the information available.

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