Algorithmic Injustice

In the technology and society journal “The New Atlantis” Tafari Mbadiwe wrote a nice pice about algorithmic in justice, describing the omni presence of algorithms in our everyday life. For generations, the Maasai people of eastern Africa have passed down the story of a tireless old man. He lived alone and his life was not easy.

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Digital Decisions Tool

Two years ago, the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) in Washington, D.C started a project called “digital decisions” to investigate “the use of algorithms, machine learning, big data, and automation to make decisions that impact individuals and shape society”. The engineers and product managers who design these systems are the first line of defense against unfair,

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Affordable Living in Germany

The “Berliner Morgenpost” created an interesting visualisation of rental prices in German cities, highlighting areas where monthly rent exceeds 33 percent of the average income. The visualization analyzes 1,375 postcodes in 79 cities and reveals that rent prices in one tenth of all postal areas exceeds 33 percent of average income, which is considered prohibitively expensive.

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The dark side of data analytics

Data analytics and especially Big Data has been a hot topic for a while now and many good things can be done with it. However, if we use them inappropriately, we cause more harm than good. Unfortunately, this is more common than most people think because a lot of people get intimidated when they see numbers and

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Big City is Watching You

On July 20, 2016,  Quentin Hard wrote an interesting article in the New York Times about how technology is monitoring the urban landscape. He points out that “much of it involves the close monitoring of things and people, thanks to digital technology. To the extent that this makes people’s lives easier, the planners say, they will

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US start-up aims to steer through flood of data

Last week Richard Waters wrote an article in the Financial Times about a US start-up that plans to tackle the flood of data. The “open data” movement has produced a deluge of publicly available information this decade, as governments like those in the UK and US have released large volumes of data for general use. But the

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We know where you live

This morning I found the following news from the MIT News Office. It describes how easy it is to identify Twitter users’ homes, workplaces from location data alone. Researchers at MIT and Oxford University have shown that the location stamps on just a handful of Twitter posts — as few as eight over the course of a

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Study: Desired Skills for Business Analysts

I recently let my students look up job perspectives for business analysts. In March 2016 there were more than 72,000 jobs in the field of business analytics posted on LinkedIn alone; surely business analysts and data scientists are in demand. In 2011, or 5 years ago, McKinsey estimated that there will be a need for

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2016 R UseRs Group Kick-Off

One of my new year’s resolutions was to revitalize the Alamo R User Group in order to reach out to the San Antonio community and give Trinity students a chance to learn more about R, discuss topics around R and data analytics in the real world, and mingle with people from the San Antonio business

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Is Privacy Compromised by Growth of IoT Devices?

This morning I read an interesting post from David Lazarus on government technology. By connecting all devices to the internet (called internet of things – IoT) we are running the risk of unintentionally open vulnerabilities. From the post: Tom Kellerman, chief cybersecurity officer of Dallas software firm Trend Micro, offered an even more alarming scenario: A

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