‘Social City’ Evaluation in Essen


Essen-KaternbergWith the districts ‘Altendorf’ and ‘Katernberg’, Essen has two neighborhoods with ‘special renewable needs’ [Stadtteile mit besonderem Erneuerungsbedarf]. For years the urban planners have been trying to correct the problems in these quarters, which are based on historical structures. Therefore, the districts became, in 1993 (Katernberg) and in 1998 (Altendorf), part of the federal state program ‘Integrated program for districts with special renewable need’ [Integriertes Handlungsprogramm für Stadtteile mit besonderem Erneuerungsbedarf] and in 1999 part of the new governmental program ‘districts with special renewable needs – the social city’ [Stadtteile mit besonderem Erneuerungsbedarf – die Soziale Stadt]

Based on a former political analysis of the district Altendorf, I assumed that so far the results in Katernberg are better than those in Altendorf. This study analyzed, based on available statistical data, if significant differences within the process are detectable. Furthermore I analyzed which variables could explain the process differences accurately enough.

Essen-AltendorfBecause the approaches and the program have been the same in both districts, we can assume that the differences must be based on a independent variable which determines the successes of the program. This study analyzed two possible variables for their influence on the program’s success in the depending district. The analyzed variables are degrees of the implementation of quality management standards as well as the density and structure of the actors’ network.

The analysis is based on the following assumptions:

  1. The pedagogical concept has the potential to change the district in the desired way.
  2. The international standards of quality management are important factors for the successes of the project. Especially considered should be the verbalization and documentation of the project goals, as well as the periodic evaluation with all involved actors.
  3. The density and the involved actors’ structure is an important factor for the success of the project.

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